Fresh Catches

These whole fish are fresh off our boats. We'll cut them however you like.

Mahi Mahi

$8.99 lb

Whole Mahi are in season from April-September. 

Silver / Pink Snapper

$9.99 lb

Silver Snapper or Pink Snapper are extremely abundant off of the SC Coast.  They are a Popular choice of Chefs ...

Strawberry Grouper

$10.99 lb

These range from 1-5 Lbs. each.  They make a wonderful "Whole Fish" dish. Available in a wide range of colors.

Carolina Snapper (Grunt)

$7.99 lb

These Local fish live alongside Grouper in their Natural Habitat.  They are Popular in Our market among our Customers.

Lane Snapper

$9.99 lb

Pacific Lane Snapper is Flaky and Buttery. They are available in a range of sizes from 1-8 Lbs and are ...